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I just wanted to pass on this information (especially since we’ve heard a lot about WBF over the last few months) that I thought was really interesting. They are starting a pilot project to help get more women into the transportation industry. The 12 women (who will go through a vigorous screening process before beginning the program) have jobs lined up at two large transportation companies after they complete the program.

Here is some more information if you are interested:


Women Building Futures has announced that Caron Transportation Systems and RTL-Westcan Group of Companies have provided their support to sponsoring a new Professional Class 1 Driver program, paying the tuition for 12 women to be trained as entry-level professional drivers. Graduates of the program have the potential for full time, permanent year-round employment with our sponsors, and the opportunity to live and work in Edmonton and surrounding areas. This program is officially endorsed by the AMTA.

The Professional Class 1 Driver program starts on July 31, 2017, In partnership with the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA), students of the 10-week program will receive five safety certifications, a value of over $2,000, along with an Alberta Class 1 certification, tools and engines workshops, job shadowing, ride-a longs, work productivity, and best practices for working in transportation.

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